We invite participation from youth students, young entrepreneurs and those interested to get involved in creating a better world. You will learn about climate change, sustainable initiatives, innovations and network with like-minded youth.

For those who actively participate in all the LCOY UAE 2020 events will receive a virtual participation certificate. Online climate change youth conference to focus in keys areas of agriculture, renewable energy and innovation in sustainable living.

  • We invited people all youth in age group of 15 to 35 for an online event on January 29th-30th, 2021
  • THEME – United Youth for Climate Change


  • Values:
    With love for our planet, we stand united to cooperate and determined to create a difference to the climate crisis that is affecting us globally.
  • Mission:
    To provide the youth from the UAE with a common platform to learn, train and explore opportunities related to activities that enhance their wellbeing to tackle climate change.
  • Vision:
    A conference enabling the youth of the UAE and the region to become the change to make sustainable living a reality.
  • Goals:
    1. Educate the youth about climate action and promote sustainable living practices
    2. Develop outputs that can be fed into COY16 and COP26
    3. Support UAE’s vision towards Climate plan and Green agenda.
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