Local Conference of Youth (LCOY), UAE


Speakers & Panelists:

  • Mashael Al Ansari (Climate Change Specialist)
  • Sherry Mathew (Head of Sustainability, Bee’ah)
  • Sonja Ohlsson (UN COP participant, environment advocate, International Coordinator BKEI)
  • Tatiana Antonelli Abella (Founder & Managing Director, Goumbook)
  • Azalea Watfa (Education Coordinator, Azraq)
  • Ella Clemits (Simply Bottles Coordinator and Creator of ECOnets, DGrade)
  • Juan Vazquez (NGO representative at the UN, Holistic Wellbeing Consultant, Sustainable Development member at National Bank of Canada)
  • Prakash Chugani (Founder of Ecube Training and Consulting)
  • Natesh Iyer (Co-founder of Bioware)
  • Zeina AlHashmi (Environmental Sustainability Advocate)
  • Chetan Punjani (Vegan advocate)
  • Tender Hearts Arena (Determined one’s empowering green movement)

International award winners:

  • Sainath Manikanandan (Eco Innovator of Marine Robot Cleaner and Agribot)
  • Riva Tulpule (Founder of WeCareDXB initiative)
  • Sai Rahul & Sai Rohan Raju (Eco artists, Founders of RR’s Happy Planet Initiative)

Conference Schedule:

  • The conference will run online via Zoom across 3 sessions:

Friday, 29 January 2021:

  • Session 1 on Sustainability 4:00-6:00pm Dubai Time

Saturday, 30 January 2021:

  • Session 2 on Conservation, 11:00am-1.00pm Dubai Time
  • Session 3 on Innovation, 4:00pm-6.00pm Dubai Time

Networking: 20 mins prior to the start of Conference

Conference Details

About the conference

The Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) is a youth-led global movement under the umbrella of YOUNGO, the official youth and children NGOs constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change


The conference themed ‘United Youth for Climate Change’, the conference aims to raise awareness, provide a positive environment and a united platform for all young people in the country to come together to voice their thoughts, ideas and proposed solutions to climate change. The conference is hosted by the youth, for the youth to protect the environment without any commercial interest.

Who should attend?

We invite participation from youth students, young entrepreneurs and those interested to get involved in creating a better world. You will learn from industry experts, sustainable initiatives and youth innovators.

Online Details

Change Enablers


Change Supporters


A Raja Yoga Center Environment Initiative

Raja Yoga Center through its active youth members who take part in various initiatives related to developing the intrinsic values of children and youth, have been granted the opportunity to host the first LCOY in the UAE.

Volunteer young adults and professionals in the UAE have united to create series of conferences with the guidance and support of YOUNGO, the official youth constituency at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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